We are at all major entry point [Seaport, Landport, Airports] which consist of Local, Tourist & Foreign Workers for you to capture the interest of your prospect.

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Our Retail Channel Average Daily Traffic

1,215 Passenger Per Day

4,519 Passenger Per Day

16,345 Passenger Per Day
*Source from MAHB

Check out our operation areas, to provide a future ready connected experience.
Our Retail Channel Center

Land & Sea Entry

  • Serian Land Entry
  • Tarakan Sea Entry
  • Kota Tinggi Sea Entry
  • Batam Indonesia
  • Dumai Indonesia

Immigration Center

  • KLIA Kuala Lumpur International Airport Sepang Selangor Malaysia
  • KLIA 2 Immigration Center
  • Penang Immigration Center

Detention Center

  • Sepang Detention Center
  • Langkap Detention Center
  • Kota Tinggi Detention Center


  • Penang Airport
  • Sibu Airport
  • Miri Airport
  • Johor Airport
  • Kuching Airport
  • Langkawi Airport
  • Tawau Airport